The greatest sufi saint Hazrat Ashraful Auliya and his serving of dine Islam : By M. Md Habib Alam

**The greatest sufi saint Hazrat Ashraful Auliya and his serving of dine Islam**

🖊: Md Habib Alam

Numbers of messangers
 and aoliye kiram were send among us by the almighty Allah only for the propagation and serving of dine Islam. And the personality of H. A.Aulia is also from of them who played a vital role in the propagation of dine Islam by facing a lots of problems.H.A. aolia is a torch way for our life and why isn't so as whereas the almighty Allah says in the holy Quran الا ان اولیاء) اللہ لا خوف علیھم ولا ھم (یحزنون it's mean behold certainly there's no fear on friends of the almighty Allah nor they grieved
His birthday and name.
Hazrat Ashraful aoliya was born on 23rd October in 1927 in a prestigious and noble family. It's an event to be mentioned that when he was born at the same day his father huzoor tajul asfiya was engaged in a debate that was going on for three days. And the result of debate didn't come out, the day H. A. Aoliya was born. And his father got a Islamic historical victory against the anti of Islamic group. then his father came back to home as victorious and named his son Abul Fatah Sayed MD.Mujtaba Ashraf Ashrafi Jilaani.

His education and priming.
When he was a boy of 4 days 4 months and 4 years his grandfather H. Ala Hazrat Ashrafi Miya thought him بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم and he began to teach him in his own guidance and used to send him in a nearest madrasa that was situated at kichocha muqaddsa. He got a foundational education from there.After that he sent him to Al jamia ashrafia mubarakpur to achieve higher education. He got a numbers of skills and educations from there. And he completed his education in 1947. Then he began to give education at that place ( Al jamia ashrafia) but no more time he spent giving education his father said to him that  now you have to serve the dine Islam. So according to his father saying he left that place and started his reformative works state to state and country to country among the humen beings.
He was a very simple person when someone come to him on shoot boots he got anger upon him, and said to him to use a simple dress. He was helper for helpless your shadow for shadowless.He established numbers of masajid madaris and khankas Wherever his followers felt need of them. He established about 17 Islamic institution in his own life. But the most importance and populated madrasa is Makhdoom Ashraf Mission (M A M)  that was situated at pandua near malda. We just can say that Hazrat Ashraful aoliya who was the greatest leader in his own time, no as leader as Hazrat Ashraful  auliya was. But after the spreading out the messages of Islam and spiritual rays among the humen beings. He passed away in 1998. But when he was taking his last breath in a serious situation, he couldn't forget makhdoom Ashraf mission. He said to his followers "if you want to see me then you will have to do a work,
Keep looking at makhdoom Ashraf mission I will keep looking at you. This was the last sentence of Hazrat Ashraful aoliya.

By... Md Habib Alam
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